- Hillsong Worship -

Artist: Hillsong Worship
Key of C
BPM: 130
Intro: - (6X) G Am F C Verse 1: G Am The light of the World F Shining in love C Taking the fall Upon Your shoulders G Am You shattered the dark F C As You rose to life again G Am You search all the earth F For those who are lost C And leaving the rescued For the fallen G Am You're leading us home F C As we call upon Your name Chorus: G Am You're the God who saves F C You're the hope of all G Am Reaching out Your hand F C As Your people call (Repeat Intro - 1X) Verse 2: G Am Our Savior has come F Let Your will be done C Your kingdom on earth As in the heavens G Am Our freedom is found F C Lord in no other name G Am You are the Way F The Truth and the Life C Your mercy has overcome Our failings G Am The battle is won F C Jesus in love You reign (Repeat Chorus - 2X) (Repeat Intro - 2X) Bridge: - (4X) F G Here in Your light ever brighter C Am We lift Your Name higher and higher (Repeat Intro - 1X) (Repeat Chorus - 2X) End: G Am F C G Am F C G

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